Tempo and timing is everything!

People are different. We all have a tempo that makes us comfortable. The time it takes to collect necessary information, discuss the subject with others and then decide is different. I use a quick style. I don’t like the feeling when the decision is like: ”We’ll wait because we’re not ready…” and to me those times feels like ”until the moon falls down” which is forever. With my style of making decisions fast you also need to be able to change and to do it with grace. Changing my mind and position is not difficult at all.

I suppose other people, my opposite, think that changing a decision by taking it back is awful. That is why they need to wait another week to make the decision in the first place. I can see advantages with their way also. Their decisions are well thought of.

The winner is the one who can sometimes use a quick style and sometimes do a slow. That is to adopt to current situation. That is timing to me. Timing is essential.

I wish I could be better to trust other peoples judgement when they decide to wait. I also think in general that managers gain a lot if they are on the quicker side.

Ny toppbild – Sensommar över Sickla sjö

Utsikt från balkongen över tennisbanorna och Sickla sjö. Sjön är till stor glädje. Den är vilsam. Den är aldrig helt likadan. Den är lite som livet. Originalbilden är lite justerad i färgbalans, lite beskärd för att passa som toppbild på bloggsidan. Jag är nöjd med den. Känner att jag inte är helt utan känsla. Det trodde jag inte.


Så här ser balkongen ut i ett annat perspektiv och nedan kommer en bild från januari, nyåret 2009.

Sickla sjö i vinterskrud

Livet förändras. Perspektivet påverkar.

På bloggen såväl som på livet – mitt eget och andras.

More cosmopolitan?

I feel even more awkward in the swedish culture. I don’t like ”Jantelagen” – the ”rule” that no one is allowed to grow without someone else asking ”What do you think you are? Something special, huh? Don’t try to. It wont work for you either”. I think swedish culture is too much based on consensus and not taking personal responsibility. On the other hand I feel more accepted in an international context. My way, my personal way of beeing, communicating, seems to be accepted and welcomed among other english-speaking people. Perhaps due to the fact that there are no rules in a global world how to behave.

Everyone is accepted on equal terms. There is no right or wrong way to behave. There is no history. We are only human beeings. That is beeing more cosmopolitan to me.