News Illusion – fooled by media?

“The Art of Thinking Clearly”, slutar med kapitlet om ”News Illusion”

“Our brains react disproportionately to different types of information. Scandalous, shocking, people based, loud, fast-changing details all stimulate us, whereas abstract, complex and unprocessed information sedates us.

News producers capitalize on this. Gripping stories, garish images and sensational “facts” capture our attention.  Everything subtle, complex, abstract and profound must be systematically filtered out,  even though such stories are much more relevant to our lives and to our understanding of the world. As a result of news consumption, we walk around with a distorted  mental map.

News is irrelevant. If news really helped people advance, journalists would be at the top of the income pyramid. They aren´t – quite the opposite.

News is a waste of time.  An average human being squanders half a day each week on reading about current affairs.

I would predict that turning your back on  news will benefit you enormously. Kick the habit – completely. Instead, read long background articles and books. Yes, nothing beats books for understanding the world.

The Art of Thinking Clearly av Rolf Dobelli. Se även denna Guardian artikel.

Är framtidens vinnare är de som förmår att säga nej och välja bort i det alltför omfattande informationsflödet?