How to start my day?

These are questions I’ve started using every morning.
1. What am I so grateful for? Love and being inspired today.
2. Who do I love? My family and friends
3. Why am I so happy? I feel it as if I have more impact on people around me for every week.
4. What am I committed to? My passion. My new project and finishing my old contract to deliver a CRM-system to a client.
5. How committed am I? My passion 100%. Finishing 20%.
6. What is my intention today? To clear the table and finish the old contract.
7. What is my wish? To be more loving to everyone I meet. To give back what I have received.
8. Why am I here? To find my passion in life, live it 100% and help others find there’s.

I learnt this routine from this video