S&P 500 sell opportunity?

According to my implemented Swing strategy for S&P 500 will break down and go lower within the next two weeks. If the lowest LOW within 2 – 5 weeks is below 1975 I do not believe will see a rally and ATH this time.

SP500 Dec 2015

If you want to follow the strategy you should look for weakness and do a short trade with 1/2 the normal position.

3 years statistics

The statistics during the three last years jan 2013- dec 2015:

Statistics GER30 20113-2015

80% winning trades for short positions during a strong Bull market. 94% percentage for long posititions.

All trades



Of course the strategy can be used on other instruments. Below is German DAX30 from April 1st until December 24th 2015.

GER30 dec 2015

Signals report

I also have developed a new summary report on all signals.

Signals dec 2015

This is used when I decide on the allocation and what strategies to execute.

Update of my trading results

I’ve taken up the development of my algorithmic trading strategies. Previously I was not 100% sure it would work. Why me? Why would I be able to solve this difficult task.

I checked the results for my previously developed strategies by running them on historic data and the results were better than expected 🙂

Then I found a new way of checking my actual historic results on my broker FXCM. It showed that my results on the initial 2 years of trading on Swedish index OMXS30 was really poor, but since dec 2013 when I changed to major international indices like S&P500, NAS100, EUSTX50 and Gold I’ve made good results.

Actual Results

My current daily results are published here: FX Blue Real results
Contact me to get the password code

Read also the post trading results 5 years backtesting from 2014

Now I’m confident that the development phase is finished and I will start building a team for the next phase during Q1 2016.

Why me?

The last question is ”Why me?”. Why would I solve this? Today I found these articles about Swing Trading. They actually contain most of ”the secrets” of my strategies:

So nothing is new. I only managed to build an algoritm that supports what is already well known based in Swing Trading.