PowerPoint – How to present and convince your audience!

  • Do you want to improve your results when presenting in PowerPoint?
  • Do you want to know how to structure and know where to put the facts?

Disney Creative Strategy PPT

This is what I find valuable. It is based on teachings from TED talk speakers, a method from Capgemini consulting and what I’ve learnt over the years.

In general people relate to:

  • Emotions and feelings first
  • Reasoning second

The audience is both Left brain(logical) and Right brain(artistic). To support left brain, use facts, sign posts and reason. To support the right part of your brain you should be human, show emotions and paint a mental picture while presenting. You should address both the left and the right side in your speech but try to balance it based on your preferred style and type of audience.

We are not born with the ability to speak in front of a crowd. My friend Roger is a living proof. He used to fear standing in front of people, but after practicing a lot he is now world-famous.

There are three types of presentations aimed to

  1. Give information and educate
  2. Persuade the audience by reasoning
  3. Make them take action

Use the strength of storytelling. Stories gives authority to you and your speech. Combine it with giving insights to the audience. Remember “Authority * Insights = Results”.

The coming 7 bullet points will give you a structure of the presentation and guidance.


There are several ways to get them hooked:

  • Give a strong contrast between good and bad, black and white, misery and abundance.
  • Create a mental picture
  • Visionary i.e. “I have a dream”, “One man on the moon before the end of the decade”

People love this. It makes their minds drift away. So remember to take a short pause, because they often don’t listen for 10 seconds afterwards.

  • Facts combined with your knowledge and experience of the material
  • Reference cases or stories to show you have the authority to present
    Story telling has become very popular and there are many YouTube videos if you like to learn more. Be authentic. Try to give warm feeling and make friends with your audience.
    People want to get insights and this is why they wanted you to come and present to them in the first place.
    Have a clear message in the end. Ambivalence and questions is not useful at this stage. Use a strong and clear ending. Plan the end in detail and practice presenting it.

Additional comments:

  • Use no more than 7 slides if you want to persuade and make them take action.
  • Remember to adjust the message to the personality types. You can use these short descriptions. Top-management are often impatient and quick to decide from their first impression, finance people wants deep detailed knowledge, facts and details to lower the risk, marketing and sales wants visionary ideas, use future oriented mental pictures when speaking.
  • Sketch the slides on paper at first. Put them on a wall to make a straw man to be able to see the whole picture and to adjust the content and order.
  • Get input from others that you trust. In particular, get a fresh pair of eyes to check the details especially if it contains numbers!

Start with a summary with max 3 bullet points of the results/actions. Describe the structure of the presentation so that they know what to expect. Ask “Is this what you expected?” The summary is used for all quick, impatient and intelligent readers who will decide early. The summary is also useful when browsing and reading PowerPoints afterwards.

Questions and comments are welcomed after the summary. Try to give a short answer to them and not to make them uncomfortable by saying “Wait until the coming slides!” as many do. They want to show off and present the coming slides which they’ve put a lot of effort into, but if you can give them answers directly in dialogue with them you will easier get the results you want. People want dialogue. If you want you can ask them a question that will buy time and the person speaking maybe wants to make an impression by saying something clever. Let them. You will often get empathy from the crowd when someone is doing that.

Use the HEADLINES to decide on and tell the story and put them in the heading of the straw man slides on paper. Use complete sentences with a verb – no more than 2 lines long.

Remember to focus on what to say and how to stand and walk the first minutes to give a good first impression that strengthens your authority and makes them trust in you.

As a preparation some speakers prefer to meet and talk to the audience and get to understand them and adjust the focus of the speech. Other presenters want to be alone before entering the stage.

Remember who you’re talking to. It is not about you. It is about them. A TED speaker I know who was the first to be present this presentations told me he is repeating “for them, for them, for them” in his head when entering the stage. He always enters from the left and his first minute is prepared in detail.


Prepare a well thought strong ending and learn it word by word. Rehearse in front of an audience. Practicing and your knowledge of the material is crucial. Invite people to ask questions after you’ve gotten applauses.

People remember the start, the end and one or two surprises during the speech, stories or jokes for example. When researchers have asked them the following days people seldom remember more than these three parts.

It is not as difficult as it looks. Remember repeating is the mother of all learning! End with a clear statement.

Use this and you will be able to do great presentations, base it on a well-tested and proven structure and get much better results! Good Luck!

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Promotional video from Bali

PatrickWoodcraft testamonial Patrick Woodcraft on Bali used to be my coach. I asked him to do a video for a presentation I made to JT Foxx. Patrick has become a role model for me because he has a good job/life balance. He really prioritizes his family and his life outside of his business.

He also understands the value of having a great and well functioning team. He supports them and also other people he meet as a teacher at a retreat-style Entrepreneur Growth Accelerator run by Roger Hamilton.

If you want I can connect you with him on a call for at least a ten minute coach session.  If he feels you share the same values as he has done with other friends of mine he sometimes spends up to an hour with them. I promise – it is valueable to talk with him.

Thank you Patrick for your support!

Vara känslosam och reagera på tolkningen av en situation

Det här med att vara känslosam är ju verkligen något som man kan vara splittrad i eftersom det både finns jobbiga och underbara känslor. Tror dock att känslor är källan både till allt gott i världen, men även allt ont och det som gör skillnaden är hur vi hanterar dem.
Ta ångest exempelvis. Det är en helt naturlig känsla som talar om för oss att någonting vi upplevt i stunden inte är som det ska. Detta betyder naturligtvis inte att det är en objektiv sanning att något är fel och att ångesten således bör undvikas, utan tvärt om. Vi människor tolkar samma situationer väldigt olika eftersom vi har olika erfarenheter, personligheter och resurser med oss och det är TOLKNINGEN av en situation vi reagerar på. Alltså är den ångest vi känner subjektiv (skapad av och från oss själva) och uppstår eftersom jag tolkat en situation som hotfull. Det som gör detta naturligt är att vissa situationer faktiskt ÄR hotfulla, medan andra är rent ut sagt befängda. En social fobiker kan exempelvis få ångest när han eller hon stiger på en buss, eftersom han eller hon tolkar situationen som att folk tänker en massa negativa saker om vederbörande. Detta är ingen objektiv sanning utan något som personen själv ‘grubblat’ fram mer eller mindre omedvetet. Men den tolkningen skapar oro och ångest hos personen trots att det aldrig egentligen bekräftats om den är sann eller ej…

Om olika former av stress, utmattningssyndrom och utbrändhet

Älskar du att resa som jag kan du ha en speciell gen DRD4-7r

Läs artikeln på Expressen.

Det mesta stämmer in på mig. Har förlorat stora pengar på valutamarknaden. Söker kickar, även behovet av dopamin och sexlusten stämmer, men jag har inte hamnat i droger i alla fall. Fast det kanske skulle vara kul att testa lite mushrooms! Det kanske ger kickar. Jag är ju nyfiken av mig. Nästa år på Borderland festivalen kanske…

Swing 5-40 dagarsperspektiv

Jag har backtestat swing för OMXS30 ur ett 5-30 dagarsperspektiv och då är det möjligt att gå Long snart när man får bekräftelse på att vi vänt upp även i en Bear-market som den som vi upplever nu i januari 2016.

Nedan finns en liknande period. Jag har jag markerat med ett rött streck när vi var lika mycket under som vi är idag. Bear-market 2007-2008.

OMX nedgång 2008

Så här ser aktuellt läge ut:

OMX nedgång jan 2016

Inom 5-40 dagars tidsperiod kommer vi sannolikt att ligga högre.

Man kan se att jag redan gått Long i två positioner. I min swing-strategy ingår att man delar upp hela sin position i fyra 4 delar så att man har möjlighet att snitta ner sig. Det ger bäst historiskt resultat. Den sista fjärdedelen sådan nedgång har 100% sannolikhet historiskt till vinst sedan 6 år. Dagens köp är för två olika strategier en för 1 h och en för 4 h som alltså har 3/4 kvar.

Så här ser alla trades för 4h ut:

OMX trades jan 2016

Jag har lagt in Stochastics som ger stöd för att det är översålt idag.

Det finns inga automatiska stop-loss i strategin. Automatisk stop/loss fungerar dåligt med swingstrategier som går emot den långa trenden och försöker hitta 5-40 dagars rekyler. Välj många små positioner istället.

Vinstutveckling för strategin mars 2015 till idag OMXS30.

OMX balans jan 2016

Aktuellt resultat just nu finns på myfxbook


Lean Startup Machine Expirience

Lean Startup defined by Eric Ries has grown popular through his book. I like the concept of Customer Development and I found a great story by Steve Blank who apparently came up with the concept. http://steveblank.com/category/customer-development/

We worked according to these ideas within leanstartupmachine.com weekend in Stockholm in January 2015. You can check it out if you like and comment if you don’t understand.  LSM Social Expert Panel it is an example of Customer Development for my startup net4talents.com