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If you are an entrepreneur and want to achieve success in a team?

Last year I went on training for three weeks in Bali. It was lead by Roger Hamilton and six other entrepreneurs from different parts of the world. This is a summary of the most important content for me. It was very valuable for me and the other entreprenurs who participated.

Wealth Dynamics profiles

Wealth Dynamics Profiles

The above are examples of successful entrepreneurs with significantly different strategies. Each has focused on its strengths. The profile where they experience  Flow. That is where they deliver value  naturally and without effort. It is also the role in which they are perceived as credible by others.

All teachers and all participants (15) had a badge which told what profile they had and they was living example of the types that you could get to know and through them their profiles.

A company’s development from idea to substance

The same basic model can be used to describe an entrepreneurial business development stages from concept to fully established profitable and viable business.

WD Process

Questions to ask yourself

The different sides around the square has different focus.

WD Profile's QuestionsWhat?

One can say that for the upper part of the answer to the question ”What?” That is, what should we create, What need do we respond to? What will the future be? What should we combine to create something new?

Example: iPhone, Tesla

”Who?” is focused on the People aspect, eg, target groups, marketing and team composition.

Example: Creating the film and fashion by understanding people’s needs. Create value in the moment together in a TV sofa that Oprah Winfrey. Successful partnerships that provide value.


Timing. When is the right time to invest? How sustainable will we be? When in the process do we charge our customers? How much? Key issues to monetize ideas and teamwork.

Example: Buy and sell goods. The Persson family at H & M. Warren Buffet’s stock investments.


How can we improve operations and automate? What is unprofitable and should be cut?Can we automate and streamline the delivery?

Example: Henry Ford as automated automobile industry through the assembly line. Microsoft’s business model was based on the non-innovative Windows and Microsoft Office. Ericsson, with deep engineering expertise builds optimized and telephony switches and mobile phone systems.



The various sides of the square corresponds also different types of enterprise. All variants are successful in itself, but one can eg ask about what kind of change the greatest effect and also questioning whether you really should combine different types of activities in a single unit.

Development as an entrepreneur in various stages

Wealth Spectrum

Each step in this model is described with specific advice what to focus on in your personal development to grow in your entrepreneurship. It takes time to build success.

Roger Hamilton discloses Wealth Spectrum

What is wealth? Definition and goal of the training

A central concept is wealth, of course. It is the goal of the education to create wealth so that you can live anywhere on earth and operate your entrepreneurship. The aim is absolutely not only about economic results and money, but Wealth is defined as what you have left the day after the company crashed and all the money is gone. Several of the world’s top entrepreneurs have in in their development landed in such a position, but with the knowledge and experience they have succeeded to recover and continued their entrepreneurial journey.

Here is a link to the entrepreneurial incubator and training ILAB Express It is highly recommended.

Youtube videos of Roger Hamilton:
If you do not want or are able to go to Bali you can learn more from these videos.